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World-class Entertainment Venue  in Biloxi


BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI — Mississippi is home to an extensive and eclectic history of music that encompasses various artists such as Muddy Waters, Elvis Presley, Jimmie Rodgers, and Robert Johnson, whose rare talent has inspired musicians around the globe. To celebrate and honor the state’s rich musical heritage, Kress Live will opened in downtown Biloxi recently in the Vieux Marche area (814 Howard Avenue) as a premier, state-of-the-art live performance venue that will host 120 local and national artists each year.

“This project started with the understanding that the culture of art and music needed to be injected back into the area,” said Chase Taylor, president of Kress Live. “We are passionate about art and music, and we will offer an experience that people will be proud of on the Gulf Coast. This building serves as such a versatile tool that will better the area as a community, better downtown Biloxi as a destination, create 40-to-60 jobs, and be recognized as a preeminent live music venue.”

The 20,000-square-foot building that houses Kress Live is a historically significant part of Biloxi’s infrastructure and has been being restored to maintain and preserve the artistic architectural character established in the early 1900’s by department store pioneer and avid art collector, Samuel H. Kress. Set in a one-of-a-kind ambiance that  showcases art and decor immersed in local cultural style, Kress Live features a performing stage with cutting-edge equipment and lighting system, as well as a world-class recording studio. The venue includes five bars, panoramic balcony systems, green room, office space, merchandise area, usable mezzanine space, and also serves as an innovative rental facility for special events.

In addition to bringing multi-genre A-list entertainment to the Gulf Coast, Kress Live is strongly committed to advocating and celebrating America’s music history by honoring the deep roots located throughout Mississippi. To give back to the community at a local level, a vital aspect to the success of Kress Live is through “Harts Full of Soul,” a foundation established to give students donated musical instruments, host music academies, and provide opportunities to record at the in-house studio. To give back to music fans at a national level, the venue doubles as a home to the “American Heritage Museum for Music,” a place where visitors can enjoy an interactive tour full of history and artist memorabilia. “

Aside from the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ in Ohio, there’re not many other places like this to see the type of history that will be found in the ‘American Heritage Museum for Music,’” Taylor said. “The museum and the foundation are special ways for us to give something back to the music community. We can’t tell stories if they are not preserved.”

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Kress Live: Bringing world-class entertainment to the Gulf Coast one act at a time

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