UFO appears in Coastal90 Mississippi Photo from July 4th

Look at the blurry thing in the sky. I am not sure what we caught in this image. I posted the image taken only a second before this photo so you can see the progression from frame to frame. I am not sure if this is a UFO or something else. Thought it was interesting because it kind of resembles an airplane. Odd that it is only found in one frame of the beach photos. Notice the wake on the boat for timing and also the person drinking from a glass on the right. 

Notice the blur in the sky, is this a UFO off the Mississippi Gulf Coast?

What do you think it is? UFO on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in broad daylight or a super fast bird!


UPDATE: Closeup of UFO and more timing information, the photos were take .12 seconds apart.  


UFO caught in Coastal90.com image on July 4th.