Turtles have been caught on Waveland MS Pier

There have been several turtles caught on the Waveland Fishing Pier over the last few months. We happened to be out fishing on the Waveland pier and met a small boy who was proud to show us a picture of a turtle he had caught the day before on the pier.

There are now signs advising how to report and deal with a turtle. It seems that any captured sea turtles are collected and treated at a facility. They are then released out side of the barrier islands in hopes they will not be caught again.

I am not a turtle expert, but the sea turtle appeared to be a rare Kemps Ridley turtle. Great to see these turtles are being rescued and sent back out to productive lives in the Gulf of Mexico.


UPDATE: After more research I found http://www.imms.org/satellite_tracking3.php . This is a neat site that tracks many of the turtles caught on the Waveland pier. These turtles really get around!