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Sam’s Auto & Wrecker Service

There is nothing better than being able to get out of a huge jam when your car is broken down and you need a ride. You’re thinking, “Thank goodness,” when the trusty local tow truck driver comes down the road. Sam, my friend and long-time Auto Mechanic, is a great service-oriented person. He’s definitely old school, and like his dad, loves to work on old cars. He’s fixed my minivan several times when even the dealership couldn’t get it right. Plus, he’s about half the price. He’s located within the community of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi on the Gulf Coast, about a mile from Hwy 90. He’s so close to my house, I can literally walk home while he works on my car if need be. His nicely-located garage is right in the middle of a neighborhood and close to a main road. His large two-door garage is adjacent to his home and makes for a very fun place, representing the old school art form of the car mechanic. You can find their location right on the Bay St Louis/ Waveland line where old meets new and, whether you need a tow, an oil change, or even transmission work, Sam is your guy! If you’re in the Mississippi Coastal area and need some auto assistance, be sure to call Sam at (228) 467-5324.

Sam will keep you on the road of life!

Sam’s Auto & Wrecker Service is located at 1110 Old Spanish Trail, Bay St. Louis, MS 39520, about a half mile from Nicholson Avenue off Hwy 90 in Waveland.


Garage Door Repair in South Mississippi

Along the coast of South Mississippi, it’s key to service your garage door. Our salty air can cause all kinds of issues on garage door tracks, springs and automatic openers. Even sensors and remotes are subject to this Gulf side corrosion. If damage does occur,  it is important to get a professional garage door service company to come out, inspect and service the door immediately. When the door starts making loud noises, you know that an adjustment could be needed or even a spring replaced. If the door comes off the tracks, Use Extreme Caution! These doors can slide and hurt you, family, animals, and property. The last thing you want is to come home to a broken garage door, so make sure to get it serviced once a year or bi-annually to check for missing parts or breakage. You can rest easy knowing that your garage door, the springs, and the automatic opener are in good working order when you have it serviced and maintained properly.

Coastal90  wants to make sure that individuals hire a professional because garage door springs and other parts can be very dangerous when improperly handled. Be safe and call a garage door pro.