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U-166 U-Boat Submarine Model on Display on Biloxi Beach

U-166 U-Boat Submarine Model on Display on Biloxi Beach

We got to share this picture of the U-Boat model U-166 that was on display on Biloxi Beach. This is a model of the U Boat that was sunk either by a Coast Guard Plane flying out of Houma, LA or the Robert E. Lee's depth charges. The U-166 was found a few years back in about 5000 feet of water. U-Boats were common in the Gulf of Mexico during World War II. The model is very detailed and seems to be to scale.

Waveland has War & Peace Model Museum

Model Museum Located In Waveland Mississippi and is home to over 4000 individual models.War & Peace is a wonderful museum of over 4000 models. This collection, as the curator Joe Monti describes it, is part of the life's passion of his father Mr. T.F. Monti. I knew there was a lot of models to be seen, but the scope and depth of the collection was staggering. There are rooms for cars, boats, planes, rockets and tanks. I think there is enough armament to represent over a hundred years of military maneuvering. There is also a great legacy of Mr. Monti's model building ability house in this building. While this is not his entire life's work, it is enough to make you stand back and see a person's work .

I could picture Mr. Monti sitting at his desk, which is on display, working and tinkering with paint glue and a razor knife. 

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