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Canoeing in Gulf Island National Park

Canoeing in Gulf Islands National Park in Ocean Springs MS

Canoeing along the coastal sea shore in Mississippi.

Gulf Island National Park located in Ocean Springs, MS is a beautiful place.  The waterways are open and the wildlife is bountiful.  There is so much to do there.   Yvette, Alex and Vince Blackwell of Ocean Springs spent the day canoeing  throughout the park.  What a great way to spend some quality time on the weekend.  

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Da Kitchen Too is a Waveland Restaurant with Great Food and Value

Waveland restaurant Da Kitchen Too serves this master piece Catfish KatrinaCatfish Katrina is Fried Catfish covered with Corn, Crab and Crawfish Bisque served over Rice.

I think the only way to start off this review is…….WOW!!  Da Kitchen Too proved to be a fabulous family restaurant located on Hwy. 90 in Waveland, Mississippi. This was a really nice place that I could easily see my family visiting on a regular basis. Especially when we are looking for a quality restaurant with great value and delicious food. The food was hot and presented in great fashion. The Dishes were seasoned perfectly and the portions were extremely generous.

Da Kitchen Too
459 Highway 90
Waveland, MS 39576
(228) 467-7242

Da Kitchen Too Restaurant in Waveland Mississippi

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The Duck Pond


Bay Saint Louis Duck Pond is a great park for family fun.
The Duck Pond By the Train Depot in Old Town Bay St. Louis

Bay St. Louis did a wonderful job making a wide open area into a sweet spot.  The Duck Pond is phenomenal!  Kids and adults both love to come here.  There are benches and swings around to relax and watch the ducks play.  If you want to be more involved, the ducks love to be fed.  The park includes a great water crossing bridge complete with a small waterfall type scene. I know many an hour will be spent enjoying this wonderful scene set in the heart of Old Town.

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Wilcox Community Play Ground in Waveland, MS


This is a new park that was built after Hurricane Katrina to suit the neighborhood kids.  It has a bight blue and green color scheme.  It boasts nice benches so parents can sit near by an watch all that is going on.  Wilcox Community Playground also has conveniently located trash cans.  This aids in keeping the park clean with little effort.  This park is great for kids of all ages.  It features a cool rock wall and a tornado slide on a mulch base.

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