Mama says protect your face from the Sun

Now-a-days we are bombarded with information regarding our health. It is a widely known fact that the UV rays from the sun cause skin cancer. We all must be proactive, not only for ourselves, but also for our children who don’t know better. It is recommended that we wear facial sunscreen everyday. On a normal everyday basis, a facial moisturizer with an SPF in it is great. However, on those days that you will be at the pool, beach or sweating a lot, a higher SPF sunscreen is needed.

Sunny days require sun block when visiting the Mississippi beaches, especially your face!


There are two things my children complain about the most when applying sunscreen to their sweet little faces. The first is “HURRY MOM!  I wanna get in the pool!” The other is later on in the day when I hear “Owie Mom….my eyes are burning!” I have since learned that the sunscreen face stick is the best invention ever! My favorite is the facial stick sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher that goes on clear. The sunscreen sticks seem to bond to the skin better as the day wears on. I think the stick also has a better coverage than the lotion sunscreen. I can get it very close to their eyes without harming them. My kiddies no longer complain about getting sunscreened. This makes me one happy Mama!

There are a variety of facial sunscreen stick to choose from. You can get colored sticks that show the coverage area, a wide stick for faster coverage, a stick for sensitive skin or oil-free face sticks.  With which ever sunblock face stick you choose, be sure to apply at least every 80 minutes! You will be happy you made this a part of your routine.