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Playgrounds, Parks, and More!

Bay St. Louis is such a family-friendly town, and its public parks and playgrounds make for the perfect afternoon adventure with your little ones.  City Park, a local favorite, is not only nestled directly behind the delicious Cypress Cafe, but it is also within walking distance to Old Town Bay St. Louis, and some of the greatest antique and handmade goods on the coast.  The park was designed with kids of all ages in mind, from the 4 different sized slides, to the rock climbing wall, to the dinosaur sand pit.  Adults can even step next door and enjoy a quick game of tennis.



Bay St. Louis Splash Pad

Everyone loves a little bit of water fun, and the Bay St. Louis splash pad is a great place to bring kids of all ages to cool down this summer.  Admission is free, and the covered picnic area is perfect for parties of all sorts.  Located on the corner of Ulman and Dunbar Ave.

Splashpad-7 copy

The splash pad  is closed at 7 PM each night. Smoking is strictly prohibited and enforced. The fire hydrant has a touch activated control that restarts the splash pad to full power. So if you get there and the water is barely squirting, just tap the fire hydrant and watch out because more water is coming.

Canoeing in Gulf Island National Park

Canoeing in Gulf Islands National Park in Ocean Springs MS

Canoeing along the coastal sea shore in Mississippi.

Gulf Island National Park located in Ocean Springs, MS is a beautiful place.  The waterways are open and the wildlife is bountiful.  There is so much to do there.   Yvette, Alex and Vince Blackwell of Ocean Springs spent the day canoeing  throughout the park.  What a great way to spend some quality time on the weekend.  

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