Mississippi Software Company Launches Updateable QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator with Update and NFC Tag ReadyRedirect Ware, LLC launched its cloud based application designed at creating an updateable model for QR codes and NFC tags. QR Code Generator is located in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. They have created a really neat approach for marketing using the latest technology available.

Redirect Ware focuses on the issues created by the ever changing landscape of marketing. With their QR style codes and NFC tags, a customer can change the destination of their marketing at any time. This allows campaigns to morph and change as the customer wishes.

Redirect Ware is a Software As A Service and is available using any web browser. Once a customer signs up for Redirect Ware and purchases a Code Plan, they will be able to download the code and change and track interactions using the service.

Redirect Ware even has a QR Code Dealer Program for companies wishing to resell their software service. Check out this Mississippi Software company and see how you can use their technology to stay ahead of the game on your marketing campaigns.