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New Waveland Cinema Set to Open Soon!

UPDATE!!!  The Waveland Center is still undergoing final restoration and will be opening soon!  Stay posted for the latest news!!!


The Waveland Cinema that was damaged in Katrina is getting an overdue makeover and was set to open the summer of 2014. Unexpected issues popped up to delay the opening but we hear it is just around the corner!  The Watzke brothers, who have renovated theaters in Florida, purchased the theater in 2013. Their dedication to the old timeless art of drive in’s and family theaters is paramount.


The Watzke brothers have spent their lives in the movie theater business. Their grandfather worked as a movie projectionist starting in 1913 and their father followed. John and Charles did stints working in the projection booth before taking a break from the industry. After moving from Bay St. Louis to Ocala, Florida, after Katrina, John Watzke along with his brother took over a deserted drive-in and renovated it. It’s one of the very few drive-ins in the country today, he said. They went on to buy and renovate a few more movie theaters for themselves and other owners. Currently, the brothers are buying seats and supplies from a Florida multiplex.

‘It’s great stuff’, says Watzke. The four renovated auditoriums each will have a different theme, including one featuring Mardi Gras. Three will have the high back seats and one will be a dine-in setting with tables that will offer pizza, burgers and sandwiches. Watzke promises “a family complex,” complete with video games for the kids.

The theater will cost approximately $200,000 to renovate plus $50,000 for each projection system. Expect to pay only about $6 per movie and $2.50 per beverage at the concession, much less than the average theater. The owners keep cost down by providing in house maintenance and bookkeeping.

“We will give them the best theater they can have there and the best movies at the lowest prices with the most reasonable concession prices in the state of Mississippi,” he said. Waveland plans to support this wonderful endeavor, desperately needing something fun for our families and kids to enjoy.

CASA Press Release – April is Child Abuse Awareness Month

casa_h_redblue_R_altSTAND UP FOR AN ABUSED CHILD.”

Board President: Casey Favre

Executive Director: Cynthia Chauvin

P.O. Box 4112, Bay St. Louis, MS 39521

Office: 228-344-0419



For Immediate Release

CASA Paints the Town Blue to Kick Off Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month

(BAY ST. LOUIS, MS, March 28, 2014)-CASA of Hancock County will host several activities during the month of April in conjunction with National Child Abuse Awareness & Prevention Month. In 1983, the United States Senate and House of Representatives proclaimed April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Since then, child abuse and neglect awareness activities have been promoted across the country during April of each year.

During all of April CASA will participate in a Blue Ribbon Campaign in an effort to educate our community about child abuse and neglect. The Blue Ribbon Campaign began in Virginia in 1989 when a grandmother, Bonnie W. Finney, tied a blue ribbon to the antenna of her van “to make people wonder”. The story she told to inquisitive community members was a tragic story about the abuse of her grandchildren, which ultimately led to the brutal death of her grandson. “My grandchildren had suffered and battled so much throughout their young lives that it sickened me. My life was turned into physical and mental chaos. My efforts to understand became a plea to stop abusing children. I tied a blue ribbon on my van antenna to make people wonder. Why blue? I intend never to forget the battered, bruised bodies of my grandchildren. Blue serves as a constant reminder to me to fight for protection for our children.” As part of the Blue Ribbon campaign here in Hancock County, several local businesses have also collaborated with CASA to collect donations from their customers during the month of April.

Furthermore, CASA will also hold its 1st Annual Light of Hope Event on Tuesday, April 15th at 5:30pm on the steps of City Hall in Bay St. Louis. The event is free of charge and open to the public. CASA will urge community members to take a stand against child abuse. The keynote speaker for the ceremony is National CASA Southern Regional Program Officer, Dodd White. Additionally, CASA will present three awards to Hancock County community members who have gone above and beyond to protect our most valuable resource….our children. CASA will present awards to the Outstanding Community Professional, the DHS Case Worker of the Year and the CASA Advocate of the Year.

“It’s my hope that through CASA’s efforts this April that we can bring light to this subject. Children’s lives depend on it”, states CASA of Hancock County, Executive Director, Cynthia Chauvin. It starts with making a report if you suspect abuse and for those who are interested in volunteering to help children in need, CASA definitely has a need.

CASA of Hancock County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that utilizes trained community members to advocate for children who through no fault of their own are involved in the complex and overburdened child welfare and youth court systems. The organization relies on the communities support to continue this work.

For more information on becoming a CASA advocate or making a tax-deductible contribution please visit our website or call us at 228-344-0419.


WiFi On Waveland Beach

The city of Waveland is aspiring towards having WiFi capabilities on the Waveland Pier Beach by the volleyball court. They want to put together a plan with a local company, DSL by Air, to bring internet connection to the visitors and locals in this area. The city has the possibility of using space on top of the tower. We talked to Ms. LiLi Stahler, Ward One Alderman, who said that she was 100% on board for the program. She wanted to urge discussions and help citizens be apart of the process. The city is holding a meeting tomorrow night, April 1st, 2014 at City Hall on Coleman Avenue on this item and voting for its implementation. This comes along side the completion of the beach volleyball court, with lights and security cameras for night time safety. Visitors and locals will be welcome to use this area during the upcoming summer months.  Coastal 90 is hoping this will be a great addition for the city of Waveland as it plans for another great summer!




DSL by Air Works on Towers!





According to DSL by Air’s website  they are starting construction on the first of many water towers in the Bay St Louis area. The first tower will be on the McLaurin st and Longfellow rd tower. It is the big blue tower that is easily seen from the Walmart parking lot on Hwy 90 just west of Hwy 603. They have spent countless hours meeting with the local government officials along with the county Utility Authority. They feel that this will be a good fit for the area. These units can be great for line of sight internet. Joe Miller and his team are excited about bringing internet to the people of Waveland, and so are we!



Check out their site for more information about the company and the plans for the Mississippi Coast!

Mississippi Coast is Growing | Now Hiring

We always love to feature great things happening on the Coast of Mississippi. This includes sharing job and career opportunities. Well we have just gotten word of two new openings. Thornhill Construction, a Mississippi Gulf Coast high-end home builder, is looking for a couple great associates. Thornhill Construction is looking for dependable people who are sales oriented. They’re hiring a project foreman who can take over job sites and be very dependable to get jobs done. They also need a sales associate to manage potential customers, cold call and work directly with clients. Thornhill is one of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s premier home builders and is located in Bay St Louis, Mississippi. Jason Thornhill, the owner of Thornhill Construction, has been building beautiful coastal homes for years now, and his dedication to his clients and employees is outstanding. If someone wants to get into a job that is innovative and top of the line, Thornhill Construction should be your choice. Thornhill offers competitive pay and stellar incentives. Let Jason and his team know if you’re interested today! Their business is growing exponentially as the market moves, so be sure to be ready to work and serious about sales. Thornhill’s business is set to improve in 2014, and Coastal 90 is so glad to hear of this growth for the Mississippi Coast and its residents. Their team of project managers and salespeople are excited about investing and building for the future of the Mississippi Coast. Check out some of Thornhill’s beautiful homes at


Thornhill’s standards are a cut above the rest, and that’s why they’re looking for the best possible people to get the job done! Check out their bath and kitchen renovations and see what they can do for clients. They’re hiring serious leaders in their field of work and only looking for the best! Check out the work it takes to make a Thornhill Home! Coastal 90 can’t wait to take pictures of some more beautiful homes and happy people on their way to living the coastal dream. If you want to be apart of building that experience, contact Thornhill Construction today!

 We have included a form to apply directly to Thornhill Construction.

Snapping Turtles like to hang out on the beach too!

Driving down the beach road in Waveland,  I was heading towards Bay St. Louis when a large creature kind hobbled across the road. It had a weird gate and at first I was unsure what type of animal it was. As I got closer I could see it was a huge snapping turtle.  This Turtle was heading out onto the sand to most likely get a tan.

The Waveland beach was beautiful and sandy.  It was also probably a little warmer than the fresh water pond this guy was  hanging out in most days. Just wanted to share the picture of the turtle on the beach!


The Mississippi Gulf Coast Thrives in the Fall

One of the most beautiful times of the year is fall, and on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that beauty really shines. Along the MIssissippi Gulf Coast during the fall months when the leaves are changing, one can always find something to do. The Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving during this time of year because of its amazing weather and the changing of the leaves. The fall season is, in my opinion, the best time to visit some of the amazing beaches along the Coast. This is also the time of the year that the  Gulf Coast has some of the most fun events of the year.


The beautiful Mississippi Coast makes fall the ultimate time to go out and not only see the coast but to live it as well. The ideal weather for almost every activity from bike riding to kite flying occurs during the wonderful fall months. Fall can also be the perfect time of the year to turn over a new leaf and begin to become a more active member of the community. The changing of the leaves can be a symbol for a change in oneself.


Birds eating at a buffet of seafood following a shrimp boat on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Birds eating at a buffet of seafood following a shrimp boat on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

The beaches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast are thriving during the fall months because it is the perfect time to get outdoors. The season of fall allows people to enjoy many activities on the beach without being overwhelmed by the heat that can occur in the spring and summer months. During the fall months, one can enjoy a nice bike ride along the beaches or even go out and spending the day flying kites with friends. Fall is also the last time of the year that going to the beach can be abundant because of the lower temperatures of the winter months.


The season of fall along the Mississippi Gulf Coast brings many of the greatest events to hit the coast all year. Everyone can find something to do during this time of the year. The seafood festival in Biloxi is celebrating over 35 years, and what better way to enjoy the fall months then with some of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s most amazing seafood. This award-winning festival is an event that the whole family can enjoy during the fall season. This year the Mississippi Gulf Coast is going to be enjoying the 28th annual Fall Muster. During the Fall Muster the Mississippi Gulf Coast celebrates some of its most historical moments. This festival is a cultural experience one cannot miss.


The Mississippi Gulf Coast is always thriving but during the fall months, the Coast really shines! The weather during the fall seasons encourages everyone to get out and live the Mississippi Gulf Coast way. Going to the beaches along the Mississippi Gulf Coast during the fall months is great fun and an amazing way to say goodbye to the beaches until spring. The fall months bring some of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s greatest events and festivals. With all these reasons how can anyone disagree? The Mississippi Gulf Coast is thriving during the fall months.