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Ocean Springs Mississippi brings out “Welcome Train” for coastal tourists!


We visited Ocean Springs this weekend for Memorial Day. The city was done up just right for a Coastal Southern Town. There were flowers blooming, kids playing, and the Sun was Warming. We really enjoyed our visit and got a few great pictures of the area. Did you know Ocean Springs has a cheese shop? They do! It is called Epicure Gourmet Cheese Shop in Ocean Springs. A great cheese shop is hard to find, so we will be back. There was an old fashioned candy store, an old drug store, and even a book store to stroll through. They pretty much had every kind of shop a person would want.

If you get a chance to drive Coastal90, hop into Ocean Springs Mississippi. I am sure they will be glad to see you!

Coolest Loft Apartment in Bay St. Louis Mississippi

Coolest Loft Apartment in Bay St Louis Mississippi

Ever wonder what the tower looking building is on Main Street in Bay Saint Louis Mississippi?

It is located at 441 Main Street and is a new multi-use space created using some really interesting design aspects. Lots of new style and design energy have been included in the Coolest Loft Apartment in Bay St. Louis. The whole loft and building is also is really an environmentally sound building as well, built to LEED standards.

Having driven past the building on numerous days, I thought I would peek in to see just how the inside and views were. It is a cool modern chic loft apartment perfect for a couple or single person. There is a Modern and European feel all through this Coastal Mississippi property. It will definitely be on of the most interesting addresses in which to live in the whole city of Bay St. Louis.


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